Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marysville Delivers! Wed. April 16, 2008

Riggin small...

Brent Armed with 4.5M

The Silver Fox

One armed bandit...

Forecaster Berry - living the Dream!

Rocking day at Marysville for the second of the 2008 session. Sunny, warm temps 60+ and winds 20-30 out of the south. Great river swell and waves, the boys were loving it. Forecaster Millard Berry nailing the winds spot on almost 5 days ago and continuing his win streak with Mother Nature. Only a few barges ruining the day at the end, but we were all whipped. Our reward: celebratory beers, Advil apres' and Bouy Junction dinner!

Attendees: Tom, Craig, Millard, Brent, Keith, Jon

Gear: JP 85 FSW, 4.5M Search mostly and 5M Search as needed...