Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Metro Magic 2 days starts 2016

Woo, earliest start ever to kiting season. Started with Fat Biking 10" untracked pow ride at Pontiac. Deep snow at 8am dry and nearly unrideable even in snowmobile tracks at 4psi. Managed a backtracked loop and then riding to boat launch. Heavy pedal but not a lot of fun. Sun and 30 degrees made it nice. I knew I was in trouble when I arrived I was only car there....

Saturday Pm - a great kick the rust off 9m late sesh on the Houting Carbon Mako. Sun and 36 degrees and dry as a bone when done. Nice waves too! Amazing on a SSW 20-30 how you get occasionally curling 3-5' waves - short lived but timing them right when they pop it's slash city. Heelside cuts were so good.

Sunday - more of the same!!! Op'd 1/2 time with 18-25 with gust to 35. SSW again and again sweet waves popping right in front of launch. Loved it. By 5pm moved to the 9m and amazed how I lost no power and gained turning speed and drift control. Smaller more nimble kite will work when it's 15-20 range while the 12 is more powerful it lumbers and no pivot or snappy turning. Plan this season is go 9 when its in between 9 and 12. Last one off water at 6 sun and 61 degrees for high. Great day 2 and solid weekend. Hope for much more of this to come in 2016.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chiller on Sunday, Bloomer snow and rim running

12 degrees and 2-3" of pow on frozen trail. 4-5psi the call and works well on rim and off camber ridge runs. Do not want to fall on tech sections here and it's easy with ice and snow. Great ride! Gotta love sweating outdoors in near zero conditions.

Monday, February 8, 2016

We need a freeze! 36 miles past 2 weekends.

Hopefully last 2 weekends on the concrete jungle. Supposed to be 10 degrees for a high this weekend. Mud becomes ice and we're back on trail - I hope!