Saturday, June 17, 2023

Saturday it’s Hero Dirt at Bloomer for a fast loop

12m not worth drive but 7.5 was!

Lexy let down as I missed the early wind and everyone was getting off the water when I was going out. 45min Jester 12 Sesh was not worth it… and I was packed up and ready to leave but new local Matt Lanzi went out Foiling and was doing great on his 9 so I got the foil out and the 7.5 was magic!!! Great foiling in waves and lots of jibes made it aa great bonus session. Off water just before 8pm. Fun. 

Forecast not quite right. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday and it new spot Cedar Beach Kingsville ONT

Short drive Made long by border bridge line up and missing the Nexus line!! Great new spot 35 minutes into Canada. Missed the big early winds and got some light 9m and then 12. Sunny and inside curling Sideshore swell and waves. Can’t wait to come back for some 7m someday. 

Sailing (driving) Weekend starts at Linwood 9m

Long time to check out BCSP (too light) and Pinconning (too light and weeds and people). Linwood was great call-powered 9m ask the way up to the slicks and plenty of Riding of the islands and marshes up there. Cool 74 degrees and that made it all work with the sun and NE breezes.