Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thermal Metro Weekend.

Wow nothing in forecast but 2-5pm sun and thermals 15-20SSE delivered the Kiting Sat and Sunday. Water warming and 30+ people out with lifty winds. 2 Great 2 hour sweet sessions. Beer me. In fact 2 sport day on Saturday. Does it get better? Let's hope. 

Memorial Weekend We Rode!

Epic riding weekend all the way around bike and kite!!! 2 sessions on Bike and Kite. Ponto and then Addo / Baldo. Dry goodness with 16PSI Fatties. Great sun and 80-90 degrees.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late eve Sesh at Metro Delivers!

Left home at 5 and took hour in traffic to get to Metro but it paid off big 6-8pm. Super lofty upper winds left nothing on water but rocked up 30-50ft. high. Not a good surf board day but what a great jumping day. First session on the 12m Pivot and it was a fast fast kite. Fast in turning and fast in pulling. Love it. Sunny and 80 degree doesn't hurt much either. Not even in the forecast but was pop-up session and we don't get those much. Getting them while the suns up until 9pm works for me.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Late Night at Bloomer

Trees down in the best part of the ride the valley sha-cane. 12.8 miles in really nice 63 degree dry temps from 7-8:20. Good fun fat late ride.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Harsens Cold and Gusty up and down

Freezer sailing day with winds 10-30 NW very gusty and bumpy. Not the greatest but got maybe 2.5 hrs on water and 2.5 on land waiting. Dougie V. Photo credits for the last sesh when the wind kicked and we got a little swell. Dodging cops there too adds to the thrills of sailing HI. Come on spring winds and warmer temps!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blue Lagoon delivers 2 sport day

8:30 am and code 'boat' gets me into Blue Lagoon gated Marina after long 3 years absence. NW 20-35+ winds are cold and very gusty. JB and I rig the WS gear 4.7 + 4.6 and get in a very good 2 hour session. Nice waves with the higher water and fun couple of jumps and jibes. Up next 12m kites that seem to be too much but as the wind slacks over the next 90 minutes it turns out to be right move. Mako fun and got up to MacRay for a close in downwinder on the coast back to BL. Fun day and it was all over by 2. Tomorrow should be HI and more of the same.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

River Bends Looper

Saturday evening and mostly dry at RB. 66 degrees and sun with 11.6 in 1:12. Fat and Happy close by good ride. PSI moving up to 12-14PSI.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Great NE day in Sag Bay.

First time up to Pinconning Beach Park. Loved it. Nice small sandy sheltered beach and paired with steady 18-22+ NE solid cold winds made for epic fun downwinder. Very light heading out but solid out beyond point and off for 10 miles on the Duke! Small waves outside and epic flat in the coves and slicks. Many former land flats now with 1-2' of water made the ride super fun. Half the time it felt like I was surfing in people's front yard. Wish I had the POV cam. Tom, Fox and JB all smiling while playing the whole way downwind. Great 1.5 hours down with beers waiting at Hoyles.

Next a solo sesh back at PBP. Got out now with the Mako and heading north up coast. Again perfect 18-22 more ENE. Epic fun tons more flooded front lots with slicks and coves. Just awesome slashing trenches on flat water. Heelside turns deep and big. Some waves outside but highlight was putting on show for onlookers in a 2 story duckblind deck. Almost another 2 hours totally made the long drive worth it. Can't wait to get back here on a NE.... Especially when Lex can't deliver!

Boom Bloomer Two Looper

Nice Saturday morning ride with JB on the mostly dry Bloomer MTB. 13.1 miles in 46 degrees with sun and fast warmup on the second time around. Good fun and nice appetizer for wind tomorrow!