Monday, May 2, 2016

Great NE day in Sag Bay.

First time up to Pinconning Beach Park. Loved it. Nice small sandy sheltered beach and paired with steady 18-22+ NE solid cold winds made for epic fun downwinder. Very light heading out but solid out beyond point and off for 10 miles on the Duke! Small waves outside and epic flat in the coves and slicks. Many former land flats now with 1-2' of water made the ride super fun. Half the time it felt like I was surfing in people's front yard. Wish I had the POV cam. Tom, Fox and JB all smiling while playing the whole way downwind. Great 1.5 hours down with beers waiting at Hoyles.

Next a solo sesh back at PBP. Got out now with the Mako and heading north up coast. Again perfect 18-22 more ENE. Epic fun tons more flooded front lots with slicks and coves. Just awesome slashing trenches on flat water. Heelside turns deep and big. Some waves outside but highlight was putting on show for onlookers in a 2 story duckblind deck. Almost another 2 hours totally made the long drive worth it. Can't wait to get back here on a NE.... Especially when Lex can't deliver!