Sunday, August 31, 2014

Empire of MI Kiting. Sailing the dune swell.

Best day 2014 kiting I've had so far with all weather conditions firing. SW 20+ 80 degrees and sun solid all day, good 4/5 hours ripping the Sleeping Bear Dune coastline with Tom who showed me a great day at his home beach. We got started with 2 mile tack upwind to the south Empire beach point and then down the line playing on the swells all the back. Venturi from dune wall all down the line +5/10 knots stronger. Powered up. Great carving and ramps everywhere, with plenty to drive straight into rip turns/toeside/blasting back, right on shore. At the halfway point Tom moved to the 9m and I gave a couple runs to the strapless but the swells and chop were just too much I guess for me and staying overpowered on a 12. I got launched jibing and doing the foot switching after some initial success and overconfidence so back to the carbon 140 Mako. But it was all open - no one else out and right in front of the beach - just a really smooth consistent rolling swell here. Lots to rave about. Good times. Return mandatory...maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poto still has the length and the speed

Think of Highland all stretched out with longer up hills and longer downhills. Poto is it. 19 miles for 2:30 long (Strava missed ending due to phone dying) but fast and lots of speedy stair drops. Good fun. You feel like you're going somewhere here besides back to your car. Watch out for the hikers and the campers though and the beginning and the end. Your reward: hit the lake for the post ride celebration. Like to ride here more than once a season but it's 1:10 drive. Good ride on hot Saturday!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some SW 17 action amid the doldrums of August

15-20 SW forecast turned into 8-18 which thankfully was just enough for the Turbine. Sunny and 78 degrees worked too for day at MB with the whole crew. Even a show with a 5 year old flying on dad's kiteboard holding on between his legs with his North Juice 18 providing the power. Good Day for some rides - we take it with no wind in next weeks forecast.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

B High rides scores huge ride up and blazing down.

2 solid rides at Boyne High. Both cranking straight up the south sand slopes for 1.5 miles. Double that for Thursdays ride. Dry great Blue to Orange spline run on Tuesday for a quick 7 miles and then 14+ (2:08 hrs) on Blue to Green to Blue and then Blue to Orange for Thursday. Scary fast Spline drop for Thursday good enough for 22/78 on Strava and I could easy better that with more runs. Really fun ride here - what a great week all around just needed more wind.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lite Kite LTC edition

Whole week UpNorth and 17m. Barely anything to speak of for winds. Got short AM and PM sessions here Monday in with a lot of SW. If winds at HS Airport got over 10 it was kite-able but if not good bye. Did later downwinder to Menoquoua as the winds dropped and there was no starboard wind back.