Monday, November 30, 2020

Caseville sun heats up a 40 degree 9m Day

Perfectly Sunny so why let the 40 degree temps keep us from sailing 9m. SSW 20-25 but gusty. Breakwall glass kept the Jester and later Mako smooth and silky. About 15 of us out but highlight of the day was the cloudless sky and Sun. Craig and I last ones water at almost 5pm for a cold beer and an epic sunset. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Metro heats up to 65 degrees and 9m!

Started out demoing the 10m Aluula Roam and was sold on it in first 5 minutes! Awesome drifts solid kite in 20/30++ gusty SSE conditions. Don’t want give it back to Kuban! Awesome day carving it up on the Jester! Nice little swell and occasion curling 2-3’ foot waves. Warm and partly sunny but the temps made it great time on the water. Fun day almost 3.5 hours on the water. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

SPI Trip 3 days in Hot Thermals!

Great trip with Brent, JB and Mark to Texas. 80 water and 80 air with afternoon winds kicking in every day. 

Day 1 Thursday: The Ditch and great Foil rental. 10m Boxer was a little overpowered but worked with big 76 Slingshot Foil. Winds 12-18 SE. Dinner Laguna Bobs!

Day 2 Friday: Back to the Ditch, 15-20+ ESE winds and its capping. Borrowed JBs 12m Pivot as most on 14’s. Winds too much for foiling. Sunny and great riding along far side of ditch. Fun day as warm up for tomorrow. Dinner at BlackBeards with Flynn’s and Ellis’. 

Day 3 Saturday: South Flats sunny and 20 SSE at 10:30 on the water! Huge classic thermal fun. Hot solid strong winds ALL day. 11 Pivot and Mako perfect combo for 2 downwinder runs to the North Flats. Glass water behind the islands and in canals was worth the wait. Had most of it to myself for almost 70 miles. 5+ Hours riding. Perfect day and lots of smiles including those for getting the van out of the quickly raising tide! Dinner back at Laguna Bobs!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Quick one to MB before SPI

10m overpowered on foil. Scary winds up high. Tall mast is tall but works well. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Long Long Ride linking RB and Bloomer

TJ, JB and me following Michelle memorial in her honor almost 25 miles in sun and 70’s. Fun ride with literally everything including crowds of people. Great Saturday out on 2 good trails. 

Metro is Steady Sunny and Warm

Good day out for what felt like 3 hours! Dead south 18-20 with Duke and 10 Boxer. Smooth swell and very little wind on the water. Wetsuit too!!!

Monday, November 2, 2020

HI goes Gale with waves and snow!

Woo, 40-45 west winds at 10:30 and its 39 degrees. Almost rigged a 5 but I did rig the 3.7m force to go out on WS. But too gusty and holes for a tiny sail. Rigged a 7m and of course holes filled in and winds cranked. Jester was perfect call for strapped slashing and jibes. Felt like 3 hours on water and last to come in and celebrate just before the 50++ gusts rolled through. The OR bar with unlimited throw never gave me worry - the best bar for when it’s cranking.