Saturday, April 29, 2017

Belle River comes Alive on NNE

4 hours plus on the Duke and 12. Great waves the final hour with full depower. Lots of sailors out but I had the setup for 15-22. Great day at 55 degrees and bone dry in the Boost. Worthy of the border crossing.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ponto is fast but new PR

Thought I broke an hour for sure, but... still loved 63 degrees of sun - dry and fast. Love these 4.8 Surlys grip and cushion even blown up hard.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Back at it on the Fat-Ti at Bloomer

Great 14 miles at Bloomer after 3 weeks of riding. Mostly all dry and fast the 64 degrees and light until 8pm. Great to be back on the Lou and Buds.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hatteras OBX Trip Finale 2017

Day 7: 7/7 sailing everyday! Friday 12m and Duke from 1-2:30 with NE/ENE 15. Some fun racing up and down but nothing like yesterday with downwinder. Sun and 73. Great trip - best yet - warmer and windier than all the forecasts. Got believe that the thermals in afternoon delivered. Great Grouper dinner with the boys from Liquid Rush. Next year hopefully we are in Avon!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hatteras OBX Trip Part 2 2017

Day 4: Back to JR for more 20-35 SSW thermals and after saying we should bring everything I leave the 7m back at house! Overall 9m worked well on Duke and Mako with best sound swell I've ever ridden curling 2-4' way way out. Sun and 40+ people out. Stayed away from inside crowds and had a ball way out. Dinner at Outer Banks Brewing!

Day 5: Should have gone back to JR. Scooped out ocean and Rodanthe pier and one guy out looking underpowered - too bad too because shorebreak looked doable. Morning fail at Salvo to try for downie to house with Bob Craig and I. Light 11-14 flow not enough to kite much less try anything. Back at house though it's up 15-20 for fun day on the Duke with 12. 3-4 hours out erases the AM but JR would have been 9. Home Dinner with Boys Pizza and Pasta.

Day 6: NNE 20-30 Strong flow for almost 9 hours on 9M! Sun again and great PM downwinder in an hour to Salvo. Great full day on surfboard with 100+ jibes wearing the harness line down to nothing. Highlight sail day at house. Dinner Watermans rare burger with crabmeat topper. We should go here more!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hatteras OBX Part 1 2017

Day 1. Saturday early arrival pays off with solid 18-22 SSW on the 12s! Over but 1pm bit great AM session to start trip. Top Dog dinner.

Day 2. Core 17m LW. Thanks Bob. Got out for about 40 minutes in 11-13 SW. But 2/2. Stingrays dinner.

Day 3. Nothing in forecast but her comes SW thermal at jockeys ridge at 2pm! 18-25 G 28! Awesome sound waves and flats too! 12 lit!! Didn't bring the 9!!! But it works. Sun and Larry and Deb say hitting there when we arrived. Sam and Omies Flounder Dinner!!