Friday, April 14, 2017

Hatteras OBX Trip Part 2 2017

Day 4: Back to JR for more 20-35 SSW thermals and after saying we should bring everything I leave the 7m back at house! Overall 9m worked well on Duke and Mako with best sound swell I've ever ridden curling 2-4' way way out. Sun and 40+ people out. Stayed away from inside crowds and had a ball way out. Dinner at Outer Banks Brewing!

Day 5: Should have gone back to JR. Scooped out ocean and Rodanthe pier and one guy out looking underpowered - too bad too because shorebreak looked doable. Morning fail at Salvo to try for downie to house with Bob Craig and I. Light 11-14 flow not enough to kite much less try anything. Back at house though it's up 15-20 for fun day on the Duke with 12. 3-4 hours out erases the AM but JR would have been 9. Home Dinner with Boys Pizza and Pasta.

Day 6: NNE 20-30 Strong flow for almost 9 hours on 9M! Sun again and great PM downwinder in an hour to Salvo. Great full day on surfboard with 100+ jibes wearing the harness line down to nothing. Highlight sail day at house. Dinner Watermans rare burger with crabmeat topper. We should go here more!