Monday, April 28, 2008

Metro Saturday April 26 = Wind and Sun :)

Getting the quiver ready...

The scene of the crime

Millard packing a 5M

4.5 Search working fine

Brent happy with the small kit

The gear is here...

4.6M Revo today for JAB

OBX vs. Metro? survey says...

The Hatteras boys made it back just in time to catch 15-30mph SW to West winds this Saturday at Metro beach. Overall a good day for Metro and little to complain about between 3-5pm when the winds were at their best. Injuries? just to those sails blown into parking lot during a couple of SW micro blasts. Can't beat a Saturday sailing 70 degrees, 20+ winds and some decent April. Water temp 50's.

Sailing team: Brent, JB. Millard, Chuck, Craig, Jason, Dean et al.

Gear: 105Xcite and 5.7 Expresh, JP 85 FSW with 5.7 & 5M / 4.5M Search's

Tunes: Ivoryline - There Came a Lion, Fighting Instinct

Eats: Timmy Hortons!