Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sun and Wind in July at Lex!

Great fun day. Excellent NNE 18-25 winds and mostly clean 3-6 swell was worth the drive and the full on the Huron coast. Morning on 4.7m mostly good but underpowered with exceptionally clean curling swell. Jumps and rides with about 6 guys out when I got on water at 8am. Up next a downwinder from Pt. Sanilac with Tom Craig and I. After getting through the breakwall bounce it was an awesome 2 hours of 12m sun and coast waves. So great coming so close to shore on my first kite Sanilac downy. Truly get time to figure out things in carving waves and keeping the kite drifting - especially toeside! Probably made 200+ kite jibes on ride mostly on swell or waves. Nothing better. Legs were shot by the time we got in. Lunch and then back out for more kiting and winds picking up by 2pm.... So after an hour went out op'd on a 5.4 for another hour of WS. By all accounts a big long perfect steady wind day (charts show it!) . Back up to Uri's at PSM for fun dinner with the crew. What makes this so special is how rare a full day like this happens! So cool Larry, Deb and Dan Houting joined us too. Let's do this again.

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