Sunday, July 10, 2022

Saturday Lex Delivers a classic north day!

Early 20’s forecast completely falls off the charts in the morning so my late session at BCSP was spot on. But there is I like wind late at Lex. Noon at GLK for the Naish Jet  1250 demo and  2:30pm on water. The foil is awesome huge front 1250 and rear 320 wings completely eliminate the front and back porch and bucking - even past breakwall in messy huge waves - with 75 short mast!!! Yes, Selling my entire foil package. If I had had this setup I could have learned to foil in half the time. After 45 minutes of foiling went for the next 2.5 on the surfboards. Epic day and Larry Boosterofers 60th. It delivered sun warm wind and waves.