Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Caseville Worthy of the drive! No rain! Wind!

What an excellent day this past Sunday up in Caseville. Had a 2 Hour drive at 8 in the morning to get up and find winds up to 40 from the east northeast. Larry, Deb and I ventured out from Phillips Park and decided to do a 5 mile downwinder. Keep in mind I did it op'd on a 3.7!!!! Big waves head high at times and some incredibly clean sections with huge spacing and line down the line action. Heaven for the next 2.5 hours cutting up the coast. Great action passing the state park and Jeannies Surf Palace. Been a long time since WS this wind and waves. Time to load up the van and head back to kite!

Next up was borrowing Debs 7m Rebel and here comes the sun! We move to Surf Palace to kite as waves on coast seemed best here. Winds cranking still but with stability of the small Rebel and light bar pressure it actually felt underpowered. One of my best sessions and the waves with the kite and again at 40+ mile per hour winds I was able to actually enjoy the challenge of surfing in the impact zone. The sliding spreader bar still is causing some challenges and problems coming out of hillside turns but I'm going to stick with it. The final 2.5 hours seem to go by in five minutes as Larry and I finished the session just before 5 o'clock with high-fives and smiles. What a day and totally worth the drive home reliving the moments. Special day!!!