Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wed. April 1 - We're Fools for the Winds

Tom Mid-Duck

Brent playing in the shore swell

Plenty of Fun in the South Waves

Sun and 30+ SSW winds in the later afternoon...

Lots more smaller sails got rigged later in the session

Great day at Metro once the winds picked up at 2pm and the west component filled in. Most on 5M got in the the 4's later in the evening. Classic cold temps with and sun got things going and just kept building through the day 15-25 then 20-35+. 5M fully downhauled worked well with the JP FSW 85 but from all reports the next size down worked in the late evening. Wave and swell action was really good too. Great call by NOAA this time on a forecast that looked to be too good to be true. Good start to April and great follow-up to Sunday's sailing.