Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday April 27th, Back to Metro - Brent and I rip Da Reef

Sun and wind south 20-30 = good times

5M search was better late in the day...

Awesome day for a south winds at Metro. I first rigged a 3.7 as it was 25++ out of the SSW, but realized a 4.5M Search would work just fine as 20-30 stayed solid. Brent and I then headed out for Da Point Reef a shallows about 500 yards SSE of the Metro Beach Point. There it was a sunny playground of long waves and curling swells. Very much a Cabarete vibe to the whole section - tons of craving opportunities and ramps. Truly a place we need to bring a camera out too for some photo and video. The winds stayed steady for about 2 hours out there then the classic holes and mushy winds started requiring a 5M Search. Stayed on the JP FSW 85 all day which afforded a great chance to get used to the small kit. Tons of kiters ripping it up as well. Have to call the first few hours today the "best" I've ever had Metro condition wise. Makes missing Marysville seem alright if you head to Da Reef.