Wednesday, August 12, 2020

MB on UFO and Finally Foiling home

My thoughts: UFO strutless got about 40 minutes on it with Duke in 12-18 winds... easy to fly, looks small for 9m, low aspect C shape, super light, good pull in water starts, pretty light bar pressure, effortless drifting of course, really great in downloops but... slow in turns, couldn't get it to pivot, constantly want to fly upward to the sky, sits deep in window sometimes felt like I was outrunning it, if you pull it to the ball it will back stall - needs to breathe (not sheet in and go) and last I could feel LE flex a lot when It gusted and I cranked on bar-pulling the ends in together.... The LE on it is actually very large diameter too and I had it up to 10 PSI. Anyway fun to try but not for me even on foil - the 10m boxer got the job done today when I switched.

Almost 6pm and down to beach with JB and Charlie to foil and it was perfect 10m. Got in some great long runs and some jibes. Only compliant was weeds! They get on foil and you can't fly it. Seeing TJ on boat and trying to sail around him was fun too.