Monday, August 31, 2020

Caseville Saturday all day blow- with my gear blow ups

Saturday 9:30am rigging a 7 - sunny and waves - there’s nothing better. 20-30+ barbell winds with a predicted mid day lull. Tough launch with dead onshore wind and chop everywhere but once out it was solid 7m and Jester fun until... the OR chicken loop snaps landing a huge fast jump inside the breakwall. Total failure and immediate kite flag out and subsequent wrap up and switch to the Naish bar. Ok no damage and I’m back out on the 9m now slashing up the coast heading to Oak Pointe. Then... snap again the harness rope line breaks and the kite flies 100+ downwind. It was so powered it released the flagging leash line. Luckily Craig just down wind and grabbed kite just before it hit the shore. Still long swim into shore (thankfully onshore) through waves and then long walk back to CV beach park. Back out again lastly for 30+ winds on the 7 again and now on the Mako. Big waves now but sadly still choppy and a mess. Fun none the less to cap off 5+ hours on the water. Finally a great day on the small stuff.