Monday, October 7, 2019

Harbor Beach for the first time!

Dropping charts at Lex from 20's to 15 at noon on Saturday so let's try Harbor Beach. Holding 20 SE after a 45 minute drive north I hit the water on the 11m and the Mako by 2pm a little underpowered. Sun and 55 degrees in this huge harbor and it's all really flat good for jumping. However toward the south entrance there are big curling rollers coming in the front door! Race up there and it's a beautiful spaced out 3-5' curling wave zone. About every 10 minutes a really big set comes through like a curling barrel dream. Highlights include more figuring out my top heelside turns on the Duke (I raced back in to switch!) and switching the bar from my left hand to my right on toeside bottom turns. Watching videos of really good wave kiters - they do this and before I always thought they didn't switch hands. Also got on top of the biggest wave of the day at its apex and felt like I was 10 feet above the water. Helped that at 5 it kicked in solid to 20-25 and even had to depower the new OR bar - which I love. Last off water at almost 6 for 3.5 hours on non stop new spot riding. Wagner Park is next spot to try on dead south to SE. Waves on coast drive looked really good. Long drive - worthy of the trip!