Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lex the rain holds off and the 9 rocks on the new OR bar

67 degrees and NNE 20 at 3pm trying out The new stick shift bar from Ocean Rodeo. Started out on the Duke and the 9 m Pivot Kate really fun but under powered so I added a couple of twists and the bar to over sheet and were fully powered. Awesome heading up wind to the waves by the mobile home park and really good carving. Winds kept picking up as the evening came on and I moved to the jester with perfect timing strapped up to ride more waves as the winds were kicking the water up. Off the water by 640pm for almost 4 hours of riding while finally getting a chance to depower the kite using the stick shift. Love the throw on the bar and the vinyl coated de power. Great waves just off the break wall with a couple of 10 and 12 foot moving Mountains to play on. As I'm getting off the water the rain starts coming down. Totally worth the drive and anytime there's waves.