Monday, June 22, 2009

Sat, June 20 ABM = Another Broken Mast

Blue Lagoon day and I made a late day trip after the boys said it was blowing - I guess it was... Rigged up the 6.2 Alpha and the 107 FSW and went out in some nice 15-20 blows only to have the nearly brand new PowerX Wave 60 snap on the long ride out. Great time for a swim and walk in have 2 minutes of sailing! Rigged another 430 and off I went (hole in bottom of Alpha sleeve now) got an hour or so of good WNW before the 7PM switch to full N/NE... day over. After 3 weeks of no wind here this was a tease but I'll take it for now.

Tunes: Ever Stays Red - On the Brink Of It All