Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday Aug. 3, 2009 Marysville is the new Groge

Com' on now - Look down!

Great day at Marysville from 1pm - 5pm - - a really windy great day. We needed it too. We sailed in 25-35++ winds with big waves at Marysville. Probably the best session I've ever had there. 200 degree winds being just solid as a rock and the waves being as big as think I've seen up to 5-6 feet in the middle occasionally. With the 4.5M Search and the 84 JP FSW I had the perfect setup for the sesh. Very close to the Gorge sessions last week but alot better when you got your own gear. I don't know if it was a coincidence but it started to drop and get holey once JB showed up? Alleve and Gatorade for dinner on the way home. We need some more days like this!

There for it: Brent, Millard, Craig, Keith, JAB Sports

Winds and waves: SSW 20-40++ & 2-6 feet