Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday, Aug. 30 Kettle Pointe Dawn Patrol Classic

Windsurfing Kettle Point, Ontario August 2009 from Brent on Vimeo.

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East Oscoda Bouy tells it best - NW and WINDY!

Yes - an exhausting day of 5.7M, 5.0M and 4.5M overpowered conditions at KP. 6am wakeup call was the key to hitting it right on time. Getting to the beach first on a Sunday at 8am and finding mostly flat 5.7M conditions was a little bit of a bummer. Add in the rain occasionally poring down to the point where it was difficult to see didn't help but it was solid wind and just kept getting stronger as the day wore on. By 10AM the 5M was out and the waves were starting to build on the outside 4-6ft. By noon the 4.5M was out and overpowered alot of the time with waves in the 10-12 ft. range - classic KP day for the taking. Sun even came out after 3pm so we really had a chance to see all the waves start to light up. This is a great sailing site when it happens NW.

The days highlight was Brent with numerous back loop attempts was hitting the port tack stuff as well as the starboard. Craig lofting his classic big airs on the way out and Millard cruising down the line way faster than I could keep up with. The wave riding was great in the later afternoon as things started to clean up in the "pit" as the wind turned more north. What a day though of non-stop action - totally burned out all energy, most exhausted I've ever been sailing. I'm good for a week atleast now - bring on the Alleve! Thanks you mother nature...now if we could just get a straight north and a Lex day.

Winds: WNW 20-30K with NW later in PM

Waves: Mostly bumpy 6-12ft. but a couple of mast high 15ft. monsters too!

The Dawn Patrol crew: Brent, Millard, Craig

Catering: Thanks you Tim Hortons!

Tunes: 7th Day Slumber, Forever the Sickest Kids