Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sat. May 8, 3.7M - the chart says it all

Wow. Nice day to sail. At Metro with gusts to 60 between 11-12pm, it
was a great day to have the small gear. 3.3-4M worked well handling
the nuclear gusts early on at Metro when the wind was SW to W. But by
noon it was time to move to Blue Lagoon where it was starting to clock
more WNW but it still was solid 30-35mph with gusts 45++.

Craig, Jeff and I made a day of it and it paid off with almost full
sun by 2pm with static nuclear winds. Lots of ramps and spray coming
off the the water. I was perfect for most of the afternoon sesh on the
3.7 Jet and the 84 JP FSW. I easily could have used a 75 hull with a
little bigger sail but it was still nice comfortable set up when
things got crazy. I like to sail overpowered but I can say the lake
won this one today.