Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Sept. 3 Secret Spot Rocks (Bliss Gales!)

Wake up at 8AM on LTB - winds starting....

Jeff Degaynor into a Big Air

Hero jibing Bliss Beach

Locals said it was windiest day of the season and for those of us with very little summer sailing, it really was. Winds were SW to WSW all day at Sturgeon Bay Bliss Beach 25-35 with Gale gusts to 45. Gales sailing and great timing for Labor Day!

Brent and I started out on 5M in the AM and then quickly moved to the 4.5's and then I spent the afternoon overpowered on my 3.7. Brent found the courage to fight on with the 4.5 in nuclear afternoon winds. We had about a dozen sailors out with us all on 70-85 liter hulls and their smallest sails. Waves well upwind in the Sturgeon Bag Estates zone were 6-10 feet range and barreling often on the pointe reef (which is where I fell and got worked over the rocks). Each sesh out got shorter and shorter as the day wore on and the winds never let up. Loads of airtime were loaded as well as the down the waveface jibes. No room for error or slowing down. Schloggers were no where to be found on this day. Thank you Northern MI! Well worth the drive this time. More to come yet tomorrow.

Untitled from Jsealyons on Vimeo.

Big Air Time in 40+ gales

Untitled from Jsealyons on Vimeo.

Brent shredding it down the line