Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wed. Oct. 20 Ok day at Metro

Got alot of promise in this day with SW 20-30 forecast and SC warnings. However, weak wind 15-20 (but great sunny clear skies) persisted from 11am until 1pm when I rigged up a 5.7 xPersh and the 107FSW. Things started to really get good by 2pm with winds now 15-25 and waves off the point getting really nice 3-5' curling. By 3pm, I was on the 84 FSW ProEd and the same overpowered 5.7. Just had to add the outhaul and downhaul to maxout the range. The sail and board combo was awesome for full on power and control with wind gusting to 30+. Good fall day with reasonable mid 50 temps and mostly sunny. Lots of fun being full powered and little of no weeds. We need a couple more of these before DST kicks in.