Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2 Metro Goes Frigid Nuclear

Wow Day 2 of the 2011 sailing season and we're greeted with Sunday morning gales and temperatures in the 40° range. It was a good day overall, but the 4.5 Search was wrong initial call as I was getting blown off the water. Next, I quickly rigged down to the 3.7 Jet and had a great time when the sun would peek out. Although was still very cold waves and winds were constant and for the most part it was an excellent day to try out some heavy wind survival sailing. I was only one out until noon when Jeff arrived and I had another person to watch get worked in the nuclear gusts. I could have easily used a 3.2m after about 2pm as it was solid 30-40+ West with the entire beach area being blown into the air. Ramps galore and some nice swell to ride in but the ProEd FSW might just be too big and too light for a day like this. Maybe a weight jacket would work... Today the wind won - I hope to get in better shape for warmer temps. Nice chart on LSCM4 eh?