Monday, March 9, 2015

More fat goodness Addy And Baldy

So nice to get almost 15 miles in on a trail with snow in March. Tried Addison's groomed Fat Bike trail but unfortunately it wasn't the bike trail there. It's more a wide riding groomed trail around the park without anything to get excited about. They've been promoting it to LBS's and there was a big Fat bike race there last weekend but it's not something I'd do again. Ok but not MTB to me. Sorry Addison - get the trail groomed.

Onto Bald Mtn North. Ok this was more like it packed down and faster than sun drenched Addy. Got 2 loops in fun and fast. Lots of climbing to end but staying seated on snow it's all doable. Couple snowboard turns on the banked turns and the platforms worked well. Think I'm going to keep them on- good to have feet free and get used to for more DH running out west and resorts. Learned that with tire pressure it's the opposite of snow condition. The soft melty snow where you already grip, you need more PSI ....but on hard pack groomer you run lower PSI for grip and not sliding out. Opposite but it seems to work.

Sun and 40 all day. Just light gloves, tech LS shirt and shell. Great to ride. Bike season 2015 rolls on with sunburned smile.