Monday, August 22, 2016

Caseville pretty much exactly in Forecast.

Caseville 6am departure said no rain and SW 30-35 blowing all night. Let's go. That means waves and swell. 7m and surfboard was light inside but right on outside where it kicked. Only problem was big waves were inside and into beach where I was playing. First hour solid but I decided to break and move to the 9m. Overpowered back out but with 6 inches repower it's working perfect with my short Alana bar. It perfection when I get to breakwall and a curling 2-5' long break swell develops and gets even corner with winds 20-25 and more west. My best day ever in hi winds and swell strapless. Confidence builder and really in board control especially heelside throwing buckets on the lips. Spun out tri fin for first time ever. Found a good technique strapless in racing down waves faces - more control with being little forward with feet position. Still as blue to turn and cut hard with but foot it less speed loss and more trenching carve. All in all 2-3 hours almost in wave playground with crowds on breakwall to add to the glory. Worth the drive there and home again at 4. I will be back this fall for more st this perfect kite beach spot.