Monday, February 13, 2017

Bloomer worth the ride!

Wet and soggy was the guess with Rain days before and 35 degrees. Not worth driving anywhere right? So let's bike to Bloomer. Mostly dry getting there except for final wet 1/4 mile into back park entrance. Very icy on main trails in from all the walkers. Go and check the singletrack?--- it's 80% dry and still frozen. Booya we ride. Really good 2 upper rim loops with hardly any mud. Even the normal dirt/mud off camber trail was dry. Totally worthy near 20 miles and 2 hours. And had the tires at a very hard 12psi which seemed to even work well on trail. The Lou and Bud Surly's are the bomb. 35 degrees worked out this time-get it while you can.