Thursday, June 14, 2018

Harsens Sun and Fun on the 7m Duking the channel face waves.

Love it. The 2018 Naish 12m Pivot Kite. Any year for that matter. Anyway got last hour in on the demo JB had and it's a winner. But before I got on that I got almost 45 miles in and four hours on the 7 m pit in the Duke. Epic 2-4' shore waves right in front of the slicks in the channel with the perfect direction of the west northwest wind blowing 20 to 30+. The Duke was the perfect choice to ride with the smaller kite. most people route on nine's and 12s but it worked. Temperatures in the mid-80s and the water was perfect for the Shorty wetsuit. Perch Dinner at Schoolhouse closes night and home by 11!