Monday, July 9, 2018

Oak Pointe Wave Downie fun Friday in Caseville

Up at 6:15am on water at 6:50am for Sun and 70 degrees - just me and Larry on 7's. Thank god we were staying 1000 ft from beach! NNE winds 20-30 were perfect to make a downwinder after beating up to the Pointe on the Duke. Big long waves with classic smooth spacing of 50-75' gives this place the feeling you're in Hawaii. Up to 6' curling down the line - truly a special spot let only KP can get once every year (if you're lucky enough to be there!). The ride back was incredible as it was finally heelside back into the waves on the port tack. This difference made the downie back that much better! Over 2 hours on first of 4 sessions probably over 50 Miles if the watch tracking hasn't died! Top wave days of all time and now I'm sold on the Caseville drive over the Lex option on a North day. Waves here take top billing.