Sunday, August 26, 2018

Big Saturday on the 9 at Metro

Almost 4 hours and 50 miles on the water today. Great Day I needed badly and thankfully close by on a Saturday. Huge numbers on water and at beach but crowds aside really fun long Day mostly on the Mako. Started on 12 but quickly down to the 9 which worked well from 9 until 4pm. SSW 15-25+ all day with a rain from 10-11 following the USCG racing out to me to warn of lightning in area. I went quickly but 2 hours later the sun was back for a while. At 2pm got an hour in on the Duke which was great but the weeds made it a necessary switch back to the TT. Lots of happy people and finally some winds with gusto. This should hold me until Grand Hav next weekend and the annual West Mi new adventures tour.