Monday, September 10, 2018

Waves and winds pickup nicely for Lex Day 2

20-25 dead east all Day with Sun and winds kicking in after 1pm even fuller. Ran 7m to start but then switched up to 9m with 18m short lines. Kite turned so fast I must have dropped into water 6-7 times (most ever). Waves with incredible. Clean curling spaced out inside beach launch. Special wave day for sure with my best bottom and off the lip turns to date. Also my best day of riding on top of cresting waves and staying on them all the way into shore. 1 or 2 8 foot beauties that I dropped in on we're crazy fast down the face. Gotta remember to move back more when things get that quick big and powered up. 20+ out to ride by 3pm when best conditions hit. Duke was great again in turning and carving. Some drone stuff earlier when I was on a break. 50+ Miles in over 4 hours today!