Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It didn’t look windy at all but it was 7 m at Lex

I just got home from Belle River at 10:30 night before and I am back in Lexington 100 miles north by 9 AM on Saturday. Decided to rig the 7 meter kite even though it look like nothing as far as the waves went. It was just Keith and I and he decided to rig a nine. Super windy on the outside and easily could've pulled back out the 5m! Really a fun time with just the two of us out ripping along the break wall on a dead north blowing 25 to 40. Just bombed I had to use the Mako the whole time and didn't really get the surfboard out other than the first 10 minutes. Maybe I need to get that strapped Jester now? Fine until the rain started at 12:30 and we packed it up for an early day of finishing off the gale from the night before.