Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Southern Scorcher at Caseville

Gotta chase it when it blows. Caseville worthy drive too. Good day on water almost equal to drive. 88 degrees sun with SSW 15-22 started the day before noon on the 11 and strapped Jester. Thruster fin set up rocked powered up riding the Breakwall. So great jumping a small surfboard! Can't wait for a huge wave day with this setup. 10/10 riding this so far-love it - mini Duke. 30+ people out and winds peaked at 25 at 1pm when light rain cloud passed through. By 4pm time for 14 and Duke which worked perfectly until 6:30 with winds 13-18. Count it with hardly any sessions so far between and summer wind slump. Caseville and SW works every time so far.