Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Its Cold with Ice and 9m at MB Saturday

Saturday 32 degrees and lm only one at Metro with 20-25 SW winds... 7mm gloves and 6mm booties with the drysuit - let's go!  Only problem was 20 minutes into the riding and the whole OR bar is iced up solid. No depower and who knows if the releases will work. 45 mins out and 45 mins in to rest and switch to Naish bar. Winds still good and now waves popping up. Another hour on slashing and carving on the Jester but now I can't get the depower off on the Naish bar due to ice on all the lines!  Almost and hour back in and the winds drop so now I get to watch the other arriving go out on their 12s. Good morning short and sweet but ice is definitely a stopping force at these freezing temps..