Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Metro Sunny and Dead South

11am and MB beckons for first try on the foil. 10 Boxer winds 10-15 SSE to start. Went to beach to try flying on the water... not so good. Much harder than I thought to roll up and even just ride flat! The pull of the kite just so great on coming out of water that I put too much pressure on back leg and BOOM the foil pops up and bucks you off. Couldn't even ride on port - my week side. Anyway 2 hours in water in drysuit a was cold and wet. Luckily I want to get some rides and it picks up to South 15-22. I grab the Duke and get some more on the 10 still while everyone at launch is in on min. 14m. Really impressed with the kite pull and not missing the 14m (now sold) at all. Last session on the Mako solid as well but the launch tough on dead south. 40+ kiters out and park packed. Great Saturday to be out and riding.