Monday, May 26, 2008

Mem Weekend 2008 - Chasing Puffs

Not really worth the RAM to take any digital pix this weekend. On Saturday 5/24 morning JB and I caught an hour or two up at Lexington in 5.5-5.7M conditions, solid 18+ with caps - but in the 50's for temps. Was looking really good until about 1:30 when the wind dropped and more people showed up.

On Monday 5/26 the waiting game was the story at Metro - got barely an hour of chasing fingers of wind in the gusts...sunny and 80+...alot of people got tricked in to the whole day there but it was really a bust. 6.1M Expression and 105 XCite were the choices for gear but alot larger stuff would have worked for WSW 10-20.

Tunes: The Glorious Unseen - Tonight The Stars Speak, MAE - Sigularity, Our Hearts Hero