Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, Lexington- Sun, Cold and NORTH WIND

The boys getting to business...

Sun helped with 50 degree temps

Just past the breakwall the fun begins

Powered up inside

Don't forget your Drysuit...

Good Lex Day!

Big Day at Lexington yesterday - awesome North steady 20-25K all day 4.5M to 5M solid with nice waves and sun during a very cold session on the water. Keith started the day up and sailing by noon and the session lasted until late with Brent, Craig and Millard. I caught the mid-day for a few hours and was pretty overpowered by the likes of my now thrubbing forearms from a 5M. Waves on the inside of the breakwall were great fun (riding and jumping) and the outside was scattered and messy but still a couple of clean 8+ footers in the near gale gusts. Classic day worthy of a the 150 mile $40+ roundtrip. Best day of 2008 some far by my count. Lets hope for more!

Gear: 85 JP FSW and 5M Search

Winds: N-NNE-NE 20-25K Steady from 5AM - 7PM on S. Lake Huron