Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wednesday May 27, 2009 "Getting Tired"

We got up for breakfast and headed to the little Hotel Clairo breakfast patio just up the ally towads the main road. Breakfast burrito please!
This is a great little palce, quiet and personal. The server is a 20 something from Germany, here for a few months. She is a kiteboarding instructor and that is her main job here. She does the restaurant gig for extra cash. She speaks perfect english, spanish, and of course German.

We walked down the beach to Vela as usual around 10:30 to wait for the wind. Chris went out on a 122 Kode and 6.9 sail. Time seemd to find his perfect set-up with and Excess 6.5 and an Excite 130L board. I was waiting for it to get better. John had gone down to the kite center for his morning to early afternoon kiting. Always a 10M kite.

The wind today was not that great, probably our lightest day so far. I took a rest day, sailing no more than two hours or so. The other guys sailed a bit more.

Wednesday night Chris and John wanted to go to the German restaurant for dinner so they got a group from the center to taxi over there about 7pm. It had started raining so motoconcho was not an option. Tim wanted to find someplace to watch the Wings game #5 so he opted out, and I joined him.
I think Chris and John had a group of nine to dinner. Amaizingly they found the place first shot. I was not there, but I know there were beer yards that were consumed along with Schnitzel and other German gastric delights. Ralph, a kite boarder was along with them, and he was a native German. Though he now lived in New Jersey, I'm sure he set them-up with all the right food.

Tim and I watched the wings game at Jalapenos and had great Mexican for about $7. We also met a guy from Orange County California on a diving trip for the week. It's funny all the people you meet in this little caribbean town. Tim and I stayed until 10pm watching the game. The placed closed at 9pm, but they let us stay to watch the game. Unfortunately, we missed the game winning goal for the wings as it went into overtime, and we had to get out of there so the exterminator could do his job...he had gratiously waited at the owners request for over an hour while we watched the game.

I can only assume the dinner at the German place was fun...those guys were still out at 11pm when I went to sleep.