Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Humid Highland Happy 4th!

7/4/12 2pm @ 103 degrees and no one in the parking lot, let's do this. The Stumpy 29er made it easy for the first hour or so. Hills are nothing and some even don't exist when speeds rolling into them are so fast. A and B loops no problems however C stands for crash. Twice down and almost over the bars the second time although its very hard with the big 29er wheel sets. The Strava app is great but kills the battery so it died out right after C. I was middle of pack for the ride as you can see below on C including the crashes but my total time was 1:32 excluding D which an hour less than my normal 2:20-30 so I figure the new bike shaved 30-40 minutes off the ride. Hot bloodied and happy - stumpy rocks!