Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lex Classic well worth the drive.

Saturday-the day looked weak for wind especially at Blue Lagoon Boat Fest at noon with white caps dropping and clouds rolling in. Hey let's drive up to Lexington for 10-15 North forecast? Yes! Steady North 20s the whole afternoon once we joined Harry. Not really a lull or hole to be found. Great time overpowered 6.9 Xpresh/107 right down to 6.2 Alpha/84FSW again mostly overpowered. Classic sun and no clouds with a minor 3-6 ft swell. 5.8-5.5m with 85 liter would be perfect. 10-12m kiters ripping. Things definitely rocking on the open water and solid cool north winds and 70-80 super warm capping water. Great fun with about 15-20 kiters and sailors.
Charts say it all: steady annomoly conditions blasting the lower SLH coast. Long drive all worth it.