Saturday, May 19, 2018

15 years later and it’s back to Sterling for Shorebreak Wars!

Tough launch and ugly shorebreak right next to the trees. Directly onshore east winds and 20 kiters all jammed up right in front of the launch area. 9m was the call 1/2 time underpowered and other times about right. 12 probably too much to start. 20-30 E was gusty at times but real story was waves - huge tall and tight. Couple of 10 footers and one or two rides all the way in when they cleaned up spread out and were classic - too bad that didn't last long. Twintip the whole time but I wanted the Duke however getting out would have been really hard. Good argument to buy a Jester and strap it up! The day was 25 miles and almost 4 hours trying to make up for missing LEX yesterday - one thing for sure it will be 15 years before I'm back here on a dead east.