Saturday, May 5, 2018

Forecast is 50! It happens but not in time for the 5m!?

8am no one but me sun and 64 degrees and it's 10-15 south with no caps... 9am it's 20 SSW waves building, and I rig the 9m. 10:15am it's 20-30 SW 3-4' waves rolling, I rig the 7m and the new 5 Slash. I take out the 7 but should have taken out the 5m!!! On the Duke but should have done the Mako too. Really crazy wind and chop and swell. Winds SW 35g50 but 11:30 now and work beckons and too late to try it. Tough but fun half day with some of the biggest waves ever right there in the metro cove.