Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gorge day 1 Live thru us!

Gorge day one... Yeah those are 3.4's...

Short and sweet... day one had us at 3 sites starting at Dougs beach
where winds were tapping 40 on the first runs out. Craig on a 4m and
me on a 4.2m way too much on the OR side where it was 3.5. We sailed
for an hour or so and were getting beat up by gusty winds and a huge
curling swell in the river midsection. Whatta start, crazy conditions,
let's move before we die.

Next Maryhill rocks. Yes it's 32-39mph here with about 10 people out.
I get killed on a 4.7m and Craig works a 4.0 to perfection. But by 2pm
it's killing both of us and the 3.4m's need to come out. They work
well in the gusts but are so small when I duck jibe I miss the boom
they're so short (130cm). Great site and sailing peak winds in 40's
with PDX to Dalles gradient hitting .20 mb - the most I've ever sailed
in. Too much for us with the back and forearms begging for mercy.

Evening sesh = Arlington/Roosevelt. The best most solid 3 hours of
sailing (4.2) I've ever had. Sun, big waves abound, near 100 temps and
it's only 5 pm with about 30 sailors out. Just a great cap off to the
first day. We sail until 8 pm and have a 1.5hr. Drive back to HR.
Awesome site, day and conditions. We perfectly followed the peak winds
all day as the eastern push moved the gradient down the river toward
the desert. More coming tomorrow...yes it's on.