Monday, July 27, 2009

Gorge dayz 3 & 4

Bridge Up! Never saw that one before...

Silver Fox at Swell

Swell and I got the place to myself 6pm

Bob's beach was the place for wind Sunday....

Well the 4m winds definitely were best on Thursday and Friday. Weekend
saw us do Swell on Saturday with the AM gradient holding .08 most of
day which meant 5m gear. Switched in the JP77 for old faithful, the
84FSW. Smaller than expected sailing groups on the weekend as the
declining forecast kept the masses home. Sailed until about 3 pm then
moved to the Hatchery where I sailed an evening sesh for a few hours
while watching the pros make wind in out in front of me. We hooked up
with Jim and Larry who Craig actually talked too on the water doing
long kite downwinder. Town was packed dinner at Full Sail and ice
cream at Mikes.

Sunday was near repeat but it started much stronger than Swell with
the Hatch packed as all the 17-23 winds were focused there. More MI
sailors as the Lansing crew from the demo tour are here sailing with
us. Pretty good am happily powered on 5m's until it dropped at noon
with temps everywhere at 100+. The heat wave is here and that's not
good for winds in the gorge.

We thought that was it but reports were Stevenson was the place for
winds now 20-28 - let's go. We arrived and it was in the 4.7-5m range.
Parking was packed but we rigged big and got some rides nice early
rides in this wide section of the Columbia. Nothing great but were
getting rides at yet another nice site and 4 pm though it dropped and
even the 5m's were not going to work. Great spot though we watched the
kiters next rip it up at their launch up wind (couldn't get Larry to
rig his kite as the launch is so packed). Great hook up to see Andy
and Callie (and future sailor Alec!) for dinner at Full Sail - these
guys have a great home base 50 minutes for HR. Yeah were jealous.

As I finish this it's east here on Monday morning-no winds likely from
the west until Thursday. It's going to be 100 inland and the desert to
so that means were ready to head home too. Off to breakfast at Bette's
and finally time to hit the shops - see you again next summer HR!