Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gorge Day 2 yep it's blowing.

Hatchery rocking 4.7m for the crowds

9am Swell City - things looking pretty

It's 6pm Hatch evening sesh.

Day 2 and we get get lucky it's 20++ at Swell and the corridor is the
place to be. 4m's and the 77FSW and 83 Global Wave get the job done
for the morning sesh. 25 with gusts in the 30's keep the smiles on our
faces. Waves and a small crowd of the regulars make the locale seemed
indiscoveted by the masses. We sail until the winds drop a bit and
then in the late afternoon move east to the Hatchery.

Great evening sailing with the pros at the Hatch who are ripping it up
for the crowd at the Jibatorium. 4.7m worked perfectly with a short
spaced tall swell and winds 20-25. I swear the 77FSW planes in
anything and is an exact replica of the 84 only 15% smaller. Fun
sailing while watching shakas, geckos and loops happen right in front
of me. Evening sail ends at 8pm with a short drive to HR for brews and
burgers at Horsefeathers. More coming tomorrow if the gradient holds...