Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fat-Ti is here and first 20 is fun!!

Night Train Ti was rightly named after getting home in the dark after a cherry popping 20 mile ride to/around Bloomer. Bike arrived perfectly packed with tires fully inflated and bike tuned with no need for adjustment!! Super easy unpack and an hour later bars were on, rotor and front wheel install and seat and post. Next, pop 2 links off chain, remove front shifter assembly, install RaceFace 30t and were 1x10! Lastly put on the great Ergon GP-1 grips and my Candy 2 pedals. Awesome bike - gorgeous full polished titanium, flawless welds and medium was right call (thank god) and bonus geo was much slacker than FatBoy. Bluto fork finally.

1st Ride impressions:
-slacker ride than FB means back further and this descends awesome without endo factor FB seems to have with shorter wheelbase
-Bluto fork rocks!! 100mm seems to be enough but could go to 120 cartridge if needed. Night and day difference on roots, big bumps, log piles. Rock Shox has a winner here - better than Fox in feel. Rode FatBoy at Bloomer last week and would never go back.
-Guide RS brakes are incredible. Tektro hydraulic brakes on FB suck in comparison from day 1. No fade, silent, stops smooth and in control even braking while turning.
-4.5 tires are SMALL in comparison to huge 4.6 Specialized Ground Control. This is great size in dry summer season (GC felt too big sometimes) but must size up at minimum to 4.8-5 (Surly - $120+) if going in snow. Spech has got the winter tire size right.
-1X10 is awesome. First time really on it for long ride. 30t with Fatbike is right on. Really tight and quiet with zero chain slap. Gearing mentally keeps you shifting less and not playing with granny gears since even top ring isn't super spinny. I stood to climb more than ever but this bike climbs better than my 29er did. Rear cassette is shifting great and coast sound is super loud.
-Steers well which is common knock on fatties. Handled 5-6 tight turns easier than FB - the geo-slack helped here. Bars seem plenty wide but I like that.

*Only con is weight of bike at 35.7#. FatBoy at 32 and 29er was 30. Really felt weight on the flats and a little climbing, however downhill and coasting down seemed faster than FB... Have to get used to it as it is Fat and there's not not to lighten up without $$$$ carbon.

Last item is dropper KS eten and I think were perfect. Bring on winter!