Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HI on the Pivot and Duke

Woo 3 day in row getting in 4 hours riding - now at HI. Dozen or so out for 12m to start for first 2 hours then boom - rocking 9m on new Pivot. Ripping the Duke all the way up to 6pm then final 1/2 hour on Mako. Great W 20-30++ with mostly cloudy 60 temps. Pivot showed good low end and sheeting thru a couple of lulls and holes. Great in nuke blasts. Shortened the bar ends and the kite turns super fast. I liked the turning as you don't have to follow the kite - you have to go with it or you will pay for it. Loved the west swell action perfection for carving and working the rails. Dinner with the gang at San Souci Bar was good end cap to not getting home until 10pm. Fun day and not a weed to be seen on the water.