Monday, October 26, 2015

More Holly Fat-Ti Action.

Gorgeous Sunday 1-3pm for 15.5 miles in 60 degree bluebird. Not a cloud in the sky and a slightly damp 100% leaf covered single track. Thinking it would be slick but fat 4.5's were amazing both up and in turns (had another high speeder where both tires slide controlled just like a snowboard).

More impressions: bike does not under steer like FatBoy, slacker geo is great in turns and off steep drops. Braking and fat tires is amazing you hardly ever lock up the tires even in slippery leaves - there's just so much traction. 1x10 is winner never going back, although I tried to ghost trigger the front derailleur a couple of times...

Fun fun fun on the fall leaves too. Nothing stops the Fat-Ti.